Harmon House Buyers
We buy, lease, and sell real estate in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding area.


Just one of the many real estate solutions Harmon House Buyers LLC offers is what we think is a better alternative to conventional house selling. Here are a few of the benefits you receive when you choose to sell your property to Harmon House Buyers LLC:

  • We will pay your closing costs. Normally when you sell your property not only do you pay your own closing costs but in some cases a buyer negotiates that you also pay their closing costs! Closing costs take thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Deal with us and that money stays in your pocket!

  • We do not charge commissions or fees. Unlike real estate agents that will charge you up to 6% of the sales price of your property.

  • We love fixer uppers! We are willing to buy your property as is regardless of its condition. No reason to waste time and money repairing a property just so a real estate agent will list it for sale or someone will buy it.

  • We don't mind tenants good or bad. Are you a tired landlord? Sell your property to us and we will take care of your tenants.

  • We can purchase quickly. In first quarter of 2009 the average days on market for a property being sold the conventional way through a real estate agent in the Wichita area was 71 days. We can purchase a property in as little as 10 days with an average purchase time of 30 to 45 days. Quicker purchase times mean you pay less taxes, utilities, upkeep and loan costs.
  • No closing costs, no commissions, no fees, no repairs, no tenant hassles and quick closings all mean that you keep more money from the sale of your property. All we ask is that you are motivated to sell and take the time to hear our offer.

    If you are interested in potentially selling your property to Harmon House Buyers LLC and you would like to submit your property for our consideration please visit our submit property page by clicking here. If you have any questions please visit our sellers frequently asked questions page by clicking here or if you would like to get in touch with us please click here for our contact information. We look forward to speaking with you!